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Start your own CrowdFunding business and make it big by helping others get the funding they need!

Quickly and easily raise the funding you need for your startup!

Quickly and easily raise the funding you need for your startup!

Every entrepreneur knows that capitalization is one of the most critical elements to success. Now, thanks to the phenomenon of the crowdfunding movement, you can tap into the power of the masses to obtain the money you need to launch or grow your startup!


What Is Your Startup Dream? CrowdStartups helps you as you help others fund their startup dreams!

How it works

If you have a sincere desire to launch a startup and are willing, in a small way, to help jump start a couple of fellow entrepreneurs and would be dedicated to sharing a CrowdStartups network, then our leadership team of experienced professionals will partner with you by providing you the  tools, (such as this personalized website), the knowledge and support you need to succeed!

1. JOIN and HELP

Join our CrowdStartups technology engine (for $29) and make your first donation/funding contribution of $250. This will help fund the startup of two 2 other CrowdStartups business community members by donating/contributing $125 to each.


Share your personalized website link on social media, with fellow entrepreneurs and with friends who you feel will support your startup and may have startups or existing businesses of their own which need funding! You can raise funds through your platform for any cause you wish to fund - your startup or business growth, education, medical, family, pets, environment, humanitarian, church, or charity, etc.


You commit to helping at least 2 other startups launch and build a CrowdStartups center just like yours! Others in your entrepreneurial network commit to helping you build your CrowdStartups funding center. Everyone wins, those you donate/contribute to, those who donate/contribute to you and the startups you help fund!


The best place to begin is at the beginning! “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” -Mark Twain

Peer-to-peer Crowdfunding/CrowdGiving is $35 billion and growing exponentially. Everyone knows a couple of people that will help them get started on their way to successful funding. If you are willing to help start the funding, in a small way, for a couple of other entrepreneurs, then there is a world of others who will help you. When the power of the collective entrepreneurial community unites, great things can be accomplished in a short time! Contact us today so we can help you GET STARTED!


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